TIC - Tolpa Immuno Complex - Tolpa Tablets

Tolpa Immuno Complex 

regenerates and supports the organism

TIC is a multicomponent supplement derived from natural peat containing easily absorbable organic components as well as micro- and macroelements. The unique active ingredient Tolpa Peat Preparation (TPP) or Tolpa Peat Extract (TPE) resulting from more than 50 years of intensive research of Prof. Tolpa supports the immune system and possesses als natural antioxidant properties. 

Results of numerous experimental and clinical tests performed with Tolpa Peat Preparation inform consistently and unambiguously that TPP shows Immunotherapeutic effects :


Taking into account the essential significance of immune system efficiency for the immunity to infections, correction of organism development, stimulation of metabolism and tissue regeneration, TPP may be used as a preparation supporting immunity.