Professor Stanislaw Tolpa was a great scientist and Professor. He devoted all his life to peat research. His work resulted in obtaining bioactive fraction of peat with immunotropic and proregenerative properties.

Stanislaw Tolpa was born on 3 November 1901 in Ruda Lancucka in the Rzeszow region. He studied at Jan Kazimierz University in Lvov at the Faculty of Mathematical and Natural Sciences "botanical specialization" which he completed in 1928, and two years later defended his doctoral dissertation “Research on mountain peat bogs of Czarnohora”.

Tolpa was not only an outstanding researcher – he was also a great educator. He started teaching biology in the State Gymnasium and Lyceum in Kalisz in 1932. Tolpa wrote schoolbooks for primary and secondary schools. However, his greatest passion were peat bogs and he remained faithful to them for all his lifetime.

Tolpa got to Wroclaw in May 1945. There he met Prof. Stanislaw Kulczynski and together they took part in organizing  the Wroclaw University. In 1946 he submitted a postdoctoral dissertation and took charge of Department of Botany. He gave lectures and lessons of botany for students of Agricultural and Medical Faculties. 

In 1948 Stanislaw Tolpa obtained associate Professor degree. At the same time he was appointed to the position of the Dean of Agricultural Faculty and then he was nominated as organizer of the Higher School of Agriculture in Wroclaw. He was the Rector of the Higher School of Agriculture in Wroclaw in the years 1952-1954. In 1958 he became a full Professor.

He was extremely diligent. He was known as an outstanding scientist in the fields of botany and peat-bog science. Tolpa published a lot of works and presented numerous papers on symposiums and scientific congresses in Poland as well as abroad. His works on peat biological activity enjoyed greatest scientific interest. Professor Tolpa received many awards and honours for his research & development.

Professor Tolpa died on 11 October 1996 in Wroclaw.